Studying at the University of Mainz


  • There has to be a university agreement and exchange agreements/ departmental bilateral agreement between your home university and JGU.
  • You need to apply for the exchange program at your home university. Normally you do this through a partnership representative for the JGU/ ERASMUS-coordinator or the International Office at your home university. For information about deadlines and dates of the JGU, please refer to the links to the right. Please also note the deadlines of your home University.
  • You need to be nominated by your home university as exchange candidate. Without this nomination your application at JGU will not be accepted.
  • Please contact the responsible foreign coordinator of the department (Dr. Petra Bauer) at the beginning of the semester (room 02-317 GFG).


  • The department of Pedagogy offers German-speaking courses for Bachelor and Master students. In addition, the Institute of FB02 offers special courses in English for Incomings.
    • You will find the course catalogue on the Study Information Network (JOGU-StINe). In order to find lectures and courses you can choose first click on "Course Catalogue" (or "Vorlesungen" in the German version) at the top of the page. After that you have to choose the respective semester on the left, for example "Summer Semester 2022". If you click on that you get an overview of all the faculties at our university. For our faculty, click on "Fachbereich 02: Sozialwissenschaften, Medien und Sport". After that you choose the respective subject (Pedagogy). You are able to choose from a variety of different lectures and courses.
    • Beyond Clichés – German and International Students in Intercultual Exchange. This course is open to exchange students and regular JGU students.
    • For Information about Courses in general please refer to the links to the right.

Learning Agreement

  • The Learning Agreement and the Changes of Learning Agreement serve to secure your courses and is the basis for the later Transcript of Records. You can use JOGU-StINe for filling out your Learning Agreement.

Transcript of Records


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